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JSW Radiance Variants

JSW Radiance also comes in 6 variants - to meet the specific end use requirements of applications across various industries.
Anti Microbial

Anti Bacterial Coating & ROHS Compliant

1 Anti Microbial

Antimicrobial Coil coatings provide health benefits by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria in a cost effective way throughout the normal service life of the product. It can be used in HVAC Ducts, Appliances, Hospitals, Cold Storage's, Interior Panels etc. Anti-Microbial coating offers assured complete protection because it provides protection even in the inaccessible hard to reach areas. Based on non-toxic, human safe antimicrobial additive, can be added to Topcoats and Back-coats. It meets the Japanese Industrial standard JIS Z 2801. Product Certified for JIS Z 2801 do not allow growth of bacteria on treated surface and kills more than 99.9% bacteria, when in contact with the Antimicrobial coil coating.
Anti Graffiti

Natural Paint System for resistance against graffiti

2 Anti Graffiti

Super Hydrophobic Surface resists staining materials like Bird droppings, graffiti paints, sketch pens and even markers. Stained surface can be easily cleaned physically with wet or dry wiping, leaving a clean surface. PVDF, SDP or SMP coatings are best suited for such functional application.
Anti Dust

Coating to protect against accumulation of dust

3 Anti Dust

Stained surface can be easily cleaned physically with wet or dry wiping, sprinkled water and naturally with UV exposure, wind and with rain. Poorly adhered dirt particles blow off with wind and water drops takes up dirt particles, leaving surface clean. Exterior durable PVDF, SDP or SMP coatings are best suited for such functional application.
Anti Statics

Coating to protect against statics

4 Anti Statics

Increasing demand of battery operated vehicles will create the market for batteries and the storage of batteries will be a concern. Unwanted electrostatic discharge can be costly, even explosively dangerous. In view of future requirement for storage of batteries the walls of the cool rooms should be free of static charge. Antistatic paint can prevent dust collecting, gathering a charge, dropping into sensitive components and releasing the charge. PVDF or SDP coatings are best suited for such functional application.
High Gloss

Advanced Paint System for luminosity at product surface

5 High Gloss

High Gloss variant comes with gloss paint. The word gloss refers to the sheen level of the paint. The higher the sheen level, the more reflective the paint will be. A gloss finish reflects the highest, so is the most ‘shiny’. Gloss paints are easier to clean than lower gloss paints and are typically used in kitchens, bathrooms and on doors and cabinets exposed to fingerprints and grime. Because of its high reflection, gloss paint can highlight surface imperfections. High gloss paints have the highest reflective appearance.
Cool Roof

High 'SRI Values' and temperature control

6 Cool Roof

This variant comes with high 'SRI Values' and temperature control for Cool room, PEB and Warehousing applications. Thermal efficiency is important factor while designing cool rooms with the help of JSW Radiance COOL ROOF there is a reduction in temperature inside the building. It can reduce the peak roof temperature by 5 to 6 degrees. This is possible due to high SRI values that will also help in saving electricity consumption.