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Technical Specifications


Technical Standard Base Substrate IS 15961 & Colour coated as per IS 15965
Grade 550 Mpa or 345 Mpa as per customer's requirement
Thickness 0.3-1.5mm Total Coated Thickness
Width Up to 1550mm
Al-Zn Coating 150-200 g/m2
Color all RAL Colors, or according to customers requirements
Paint System RMP, SMP, SDP & PVDF
Top Side Primer paint + polyester paint coating (25 microns) min
Back Side Primer epoxy (10 microns) min
Coil Weight 3-8 tons per coil
Salt Spray Resistance >=1000 hours with SDP /PVDF Paints.
SRI Value > = 80 (Subject to Shade Specific)

Paint Properties Comparison

Properties SUPER/HIGH Durable Polyster RMP SMP PVDF
Flexibility Good Fair Poor Good
UV Resistance Good Poor Fair Excellent
Gloss Retention Excellent Good Good Poor
Chalking Resistance Good Poor Fair Excellent
Costs Marginal Lowest High Very High
SST Hrs 1000 750 750 1000
Paint types available
Regular Modified Polyester - RMP
Silicon Modified Polyester - SMP
Super Durable Polyester - SDP
Polyvinylidene Fluoride - PVDF

Performance Testing

Scratch Hardness (T/B) 1.5 - 2/1 - 1.5 kg
Impact Test (in Joules) (thickness based soft material) As per standard
Salt Spray Test (Specific to Coating Type) 750 - 1000 hrs
Adhesive Test (cross-hatch) 100%
Erichsen Cupping Test As per standard
Humidity Test 750 - 1000 hrs
T-Bend Test (T = substract thickness) 2T for soft. 4T forHard (no tape loss)
Water Boiling Test As per Standard
Solvent Rub Test (MEK - double rub) > 100DR For Non Metalic, 80DR Metlic
Chemical Resistance As per Standard
Max. Operating Temperature Upto 140°C