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Packaging, Handling & Marking


JSW offers its products with effective packaging as per customer requirements and in compliance with international norms. Emphasis is placed to ensure durability, prevention of any damage during transportation and better storage. JSW with its years of experience and regular benchmarking with various national and international companies, endeavours to improvise packaging in accordance with changing customer needs.

JSW has a stringent procedure for evaluating the competency level of suppliers for packaging material. Material quality is verified at the well-equipped and sophisticated JSW laboratory before offering for use.

The packing requirements for export and domestic markets are different. However, the type of packaging is determined in consideration of the following points:

  • Customer needs
  • Duration of transportation
  • Environmental conditions during transit
  • Handling during transit
  • Handling at customer's premises
  • Storage practices
  • International regulation on package material

Eye To Sky Packing

Eye To Wall Packing

Slit - Master Coil Packing

Sheet Packing


  • During transportation, it is recommended to put the rubber pad on the skid to avoid blocking issues; this will also help to protect it from white rust due to moisture
  • Handle it with care and do not pile it up higher than two levels
  • In the event of contamination, wash it with the solvent
  • If the design layer peels off, follow the instruction manual provided by JSW steel


Marking, in concept, leads to product accountability and verification at the time of production, transportation and delivery. Considering the vast product range at JSW, labelling practices ensure a foolproof identification and traceability.

Mark of Ingenuity - Non-Erasable Liner Marking